Money Making Vastu Tips for Office

  8 Vastu tips to set up a home office According to Vastu Shastra, this is the direction that your home office needs to be in for maximum productivity Here's how to make your in-house office a positive space. Photo credit: Twomeows/ Getty Images During this pandemic,  work from home  has become the new normal. There are a growing number of home-based professionals and entrepreneurs who now find working from home more productive. Most work-from-home professionals choose to set up their workspace in a corner of their bedroom, on the dining room table, in the corner of a passage, or maybe even in the guest bedroom. However, to maintain a balanced environment and ensure productivity, it is imperative to follow some important  Vastu  guidelines to attract good vibes and positivity in your home office. Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak, holistic life coach and founder at Enlightening Lifestyle, lists down some of the Vastu tips to keep in mind for using your home as a workspace. Attract good v

What is High Risk Merchant Account?

Is your business classified as high risk? When you try to find out about the Merchant account, you will certainly get the term " high-risk merchant account ". Here you learn more about the nature of risks involved and to better understand the business of credit and debit card processing. Are you AT RISK? The processor or payment acquirer will settle all processed sales (minus fees) typically within a couple of days or a week after they take place.  But here is the twist - We already know about every cardholder has the right to dispute a transaction within 180 days of it taking place, As they contacting  their card issuer bank and filing a complaint of non-delivery or dissatisfaction. For Example- In the case of a longer service length, this could mean 180 days after service has been fully provided/completed, which further extends the time the window for charge-backs  The customer is able to file a chargeback request at any timeframe.  In this case, the provider will already s

How to create Search Matrix in Google Analytics ?

  Here you go through the details and then know that, how can you measure and track your SEO success. With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily track a complex matrix of your website. 1.    How to use Google Analytics to Track Matrix Google Analytics is for tracking SEO growth by-weekly or monthly basis, and you can also keep an eye on the statistics of what is working and what is not. This analytics includes the various number of pages visited by the users or the bounce rate of a particular property, spent time on site, and click-through rate (CTR). These analytics will show a quick and perfect overview of particular pages/posts on your site that are performing well and why. You can also use the insights to revive old content — or create new content. Google and Bing (Bing particularly appreciate the keyword efforts) whether Google likes new content. Google appreciates Your efforts in updating old content into unique and user-friendly content. Your Website is crawled frequent